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R&B singer/reality star K Michelle has been evicted from her Memphis mansion, MTO News has learned.

K Michelle leased the home for 8 months, at $10,000 per month. The lease stated that K Michelle had to pay a $30,000 deposit. The lease specifically forbade her from painting the walls, without the owner's approval. The lease states that no changes can be made to the property without the prior permission of the landlord.

The story was originally broken by leading Memphis news reporter - the Cussing Pastor, Thaddeus Matthews.


The owner claims that K Michelle was $70,000 behind in her rent, and painted the walls pink - so he evicted her.

When K Michelle was confronted by the landlord's attorneys, she claimed that a fan or someone from the news painted the house. But later in the email, she admits that pink is her favorite color. 

K Michelle tells the landlord in the email to "s*ck a fat d*ck." Here's the correspondence:


And here are pics of what K Michelle is being accused of doing to the mansion:

IMG_2043 (1)
IMG_2066 (1)

Getting evicted isn't new for K. Michelle because back in 2013 it was reported that she allegedly left the city owing two months of rent on her apartment, leading her Atlanta landlord to file an eviction notice against her.

According to the AJC, the filing to Fulton County magistrate court said she owed $6,450 (plus late fees), plus an additional $1,250 in filing and administrative fees. The paperwork said she hadn’t paid June or July rent. Her monthly rent was $2,400.