K. Michelle stopped by V-103's Culture Report but did not hold back when it came to giving Nicole Murphy a dressing down live on air.

During a recent interview on the Wendy Williams show, Nicole apologized for kissing Antoine Fuqua - who is a married man!

"I had to delete my tweet yesterday. Nicole Murphy, you're disgusting! You sat on that couch, and you laugh. It ain't no moment. It's a mess! You're wrong for that. You're the type of women that let these men be evil," she said.

"They got to have some help. Women like you are that type of help. That [Lela] is at home married with her kids, and you know this. It don't matter what he told you men lie. That's all they do. And, you sat up there and embarrass another Black woman. In front of the world! Who was minding her business. Now you're going to go on a talk show. You should be under a rock hiding girl….."

Watch her interview below:

But who is dragging Antonie Fuqua though? How come Nicole is the only one catching heat on this?