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It appears that Justin Timberlake's groveling public apology to his wife, Jessica Biel, paid off, and reports say that his marriage is "doing much better."

Justin was caught canoodling with Black actress Alisha Wainwright and blamed poor judgment and too much alcohol on the incident.

"Jessica and Justin have been doing a lot of talking about it, and he sees how much it has hurt her," a source close to the pair told HollywoodLife. "Now, they seem to be doing a bit better since the photographs came out."

Fans have slammed Timberlake for throwing Alisha under the bus by not also publicly apologizing to her. This is the second time the pop singer has been accused of wrecking a Black woman's career.

"She's been really hurt by the photos of Justin and Alisha. She felt upset and embarrassed above everything else," the source continued. "She's a very private person and was pretty angry to put it lightly. Jessica's not one of those actresses who wanted to be a celebrity. — She doesn't like being involved in this kind of a story and has been laying as low as possible. It's clear it has taken a toll on them as a couple."

We're still waiting on that apology to Alisha though...