New pics of Justin Bieber were released this morning, and they show Justin looking a little downcast - and suffering from a severe acne breakout on his face.

The paparazzi managed to snap a few pics of Justin as he stepped out for a solo stroll in New York. Bieber, who is in town with wife Hailey Baldwin, has admitted that he is struggling with depression and that the couple is attending counseling.

But the latest pictures are causing some of Justin's fans to have concern for his health.

Many suspect that Justin's acne breakout is due to him taking anti-depressants.

One popular anti-depressant, Zoloft, is known to cause acne. Pharmacists claim that Zoloft can lead to stunted growth, acne, birth defects, rashes, insomnia, decreased ability to heal from exercise or injuries, and other problems associated with growth, repair, and regulation.

The 24-year old definitely looked the part of a skateboarder as he cruised down the sidewalk alone, in bright yellow sweat pants, a matching t-shirt and a black hoodie.

Seemingly enjoying the fresh air, he rounded out the ensemble with black high-top sneakers and a black helmet. 


After lunch, the couple were greeted by a number of photographers and eager fans outside the restaurant, wanting to get a look at the pop star and his model wife.

They casually walked by the small crowd with a friend and hopped into a van and drove off.

The Biebers are currently trying to navigate through some tough emotional times.