Justice Department Sues Atlanta-Based Property Owners For Discrimination Against African Americans

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The Justice Department announced today that it had filed a lawsuit against several property owners and management companies for discriminating against African Americans.

According to the DOJ, the suit was filed against Crimson Management LLC, Benefield Housing Partnership d/b/a Cedartown Commons, and Cedartown Housing Associates, d/b/a Cedarwood Village.

They are accused of violating the Fair Housing Act by intentionally discriminating on the basis of race against African-American applicants for housing. 

“Congress enacted the Fair Housing Act in 1968 to protect Americans from the racially motivated violence and discrimination that has stained our nation’s history. More than five decades later, our nation regrettably continues to suffer the scourge of racial bias,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Civil Rights Division. “The Department of Justice will continue to fight to protect the rights of all Americans to rent and own their homes without regard to their race.” 

Officials say that we still have a long way to go regarding housing equality.

“More than 50 years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act, cases like this demonstrate that there is still work to be done to ensure that all people, regardless of race and color, have equal access to housing,” said U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak for the Northern District of Georgia. “My office will continue to devote resources to investigate and eradicate housing discrimination.”