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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Chris Brown Story . . . On How He Became Successful . . . The ALLEGED ABUSE . . . And Now It Kinda Makes Sense . . . Why He's Such An ANGRY PERSON!!! (Do You Feel SORRY . . . For Him Now??)

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Here is some tea that was recently posted online:

Chris' stepdad worked at a gas station when a talent scout dropped by for gas. This person was on their way to a bigger town and the stepdad serviced him. The talent scout then asked him if he knew anyone in the town that could sing. The stepdad replied yes his son Chris. Chris did not want to do music. His whole life he wanted to be a basketball player but his family was dirt poor. The talent scout showed a tape of him singing to (Chris' first manager) Tina who quit her job to become Chris' manager.

Two weeks after the scout came, Chris left for New York without telling anyone. Tina paid for his dance lessons.

[Chris' manager Tina allegedly seduced him and carried on a physical relationship with him when he was still young].

[Chris was poor]. His house where he lived before becoming famous, it was a shack. They were below poverty level. His stepdad [allegedly] abused him growing up and Chris blames his mother for not intervening (which might be where his woman-hating attitude comes from). He still speaks to his step dad but [Chris] has unresolved issues, which is where his anger comes from.

Chris has an extremely rocky relationship with his mother. They constantly have explosive arguments. He bought his mom the daycare she owns.

When Chris was on probation, his mother lied for him and said he had completed all of his hours at her daycare center. This was quickly proven to be untrue and police were threatening to send her to jail. They had an explosive fight and that's when he threw the rock through her windshield.

He still visits his hometown. The adults hate when he's around because he's rich and successful while they're still stuck in their conditions. He treats all of the kids of his relatives very well even paying for school supplies and in one case a private school.

Wow Breezy's been through a LOT . . . and he's surrounded by so many HATEFUL people. It's gotta be hard keeping himself together.

Hold ya head though BREEZY - we support you!!!