They Just Sold The Most EXPENSIVE PAIR OF JORDANS Ever . . . Do You Think The Buyer Got A Good Deal . . . Or Got FINESSED????


A pair of rare, customized sneakers worn by Michael Jordan in 1986 just sold for $55,000 at auction, reportedly setting a new record.

The kicks were made especially for the NBA star to mark his return to basketball after an injury in November 1985. They were altered to include ankle support to protect Jordan's healing left foot, and bear a period inscription and signature from the future Hall of Famer. The sale set a record as the highest price ever paid for Nike Jordans.

"For a global audience of Jordan collectors, this is as good as it gets," explained Chris Ivy, Director of Sports Collectibles at Heritage Auctions, who made the sale in Dallas, Texas. "Only a tiny handful of game-worn Jordan I's are known to exist, and this unique pair is by far the rarest and most desirable of that breed, as our result would confirm."

CREDIT: Heritage Auctions/Splash