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They Just Released A LIST . . . Of The Top PLACES TO Find DOWNLOW BLACK MEN . . . In Atlanta!! (If Your Man Goes HERE . . . He’s GAY)


A popular Snapchat group just released a list of the top spots to find DOWNLOW Black men – for a “hookup” in Atlanta.
According to the folks behind the account – these places are CRAWLING with supposedly straight men – looking for some “exploration.”

They warned straight men and women – to keep your men OUT OF THESE AREAS.

We just pray that everybody hooking up in Atlanta, regardless of sexual orientation – is being safe.

The CDC projects that 1 in 51 Georgians will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime and Atlanta’s metro population accounts for more than half of Georgia’s total population, with 5.6 million people.

According to the CDC, Black gay men are contracting HIV in Atlanta in epidemic proportions, who stated back in 2016 that one in two black men would contract the disease.

“Condoms are used to being used as a contraceptive, as a birth control. When you don’t factor in a pregnancy, you don’t feel the need to use a condom… It may prevent you from contracting HIV, but there are a slew of other STIs you don’t want, so I think condom usage is still something to be enforced,” Christian Dacus (youth HIV policy advisor with Georgia Equality) told WSB-TV.

As long as it’s safe and consensual, we don’t care what you do… here is a list of the venues just in case you’re interested…