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They Just Leaked The First 'OFFICIAL' Kylie Pregnancy Pics . . . And Something Seems OFF . . . Could She Be FAKING IT??? (Is She SCAMMING US)

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Kylie Jenner is supposedly EIGHT months pregnant – but no one has seen her baby bump TO DATE.

What’s crazy is that there are some INSANE RUMORS floating around on social media that Kylie is either NOT pregnant – or that she’s using a surrogate like her sister Kim.

There have been whispers that Kylie and Travis Scott had broken up after he cheated on her with several women, including a friend of hers. If that is indeed the case and Kylie has, in fact, used a surrogate - she's probably in her Calabasas home kicking herself!

However, surrogacy rumors are unlikely, as we finally have SOME proof of the young Jenner's condition - and she certainly LOOKS like she's ready to pop!

In a video obtained by TMZ, Kylie is seen walking with her plus-sized BFF, Jordyn Woods, and momager Kris Jenner at a construction site in the Hidden Hills around noon Wednesday. Kylie was struggling to climb into a black SUV - as many pregnant women do.

Obviously, we don’t have enough information to CORROBORATE all of the rumors– but it is STRANGE that the first time we see her . . . She looks A LOT LESS than EIGHT months along.

And still no sign of Travis. Unlike her sister, Khloe, who announced the news of her pregnancy with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, Kylie and Travis have not appeared publicly together with her bump.

Several reports say that Kylie and Travis are expecting a girl, and the baby is due anytime now!

Here is the first pic