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They Just Leaked BLACK PANTHER Actor Chadwick Boseman's PAYCHECK For Black Panther And Avengers . . . Is He Getting CHEATED???

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Actor Chadwick Boseman is the LOWEST PAID Avengers actor – making more than a MILLION less than Captain America star Chris Evans and $49 Million less than Robert Downey.

Someone just leaked his PAY for all the movies he’s made in his entire career.

The Black Panther lead has been receiving rave reviews from virtually EVERYBODY for his performance in the new Marvel movie. The movie stars an all-Black cast including Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira. It was directed by Black director Ryan Coogler.

Does he think a white director could have done as good a job? Boseman told Variety:

"Well, is it possible for them to make it? It could be, yes. Would they have his perspective, like the perspective [Coogler] brought to the movie? Probably not. It wouldn’t be nuanced in the same way because they don’t have the same conflict. They don’t have the African-American conflict that always exists: whether you’re conscious of it or not, you have an ancestry that’s very hard to trace. And then, going to the continent and meeting a person that’s African. In order to do this, you have to find ways to make those connections, especially because the character is coming from that place. They know exactly who they are, who their ancestors are. Would a white director understand that? Those nuances of American, African-American, African? I’m not sure. But I think it’s an important part of this movie."

Black Panther is undoubtedly Boseman's breakout role. In Hollywood, this SHOULD lead to an increase in pay and movie offers. The pay equality in the industry has come heavily under scrutiny, so it will become more and more difficult for filmmakers to take advantage of our talented Black stars.

Hopefully, he gets a BIG rise after Black Panther . . . .

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