The attorneys of Empire star Jussie Smollett are claiming that their client did not know that his attack would launch an "extensive investigation" as a defense of why he should not have to pay the city of Chicago.

Chicago has filed a lawsuit to try and recoup $130,000 for overtime costs the force says it used to try and hunt down his attackers. The Chicago Police Department ("CPD") appears to believe Smollett staged the hate crime.

His lawyers argued in a recently filed motion that the "filing of a police report, in and of itself, does not necessitate a sprawling investigation nor does it, as a practical matter, usually result in an investigation as extensive as the one the CPD chose to undertake in this case." 

The CPD wants their coins.

"Whether it's Chicago or any other U.S. city, when he reported a vicious hate crime it was going to be investigated at the highest level of vigor and detail," said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. 

The investigation included canvassing the area for witnesses, dozens of interviews, scientific analysis of the rope as well as the liquid that Smollett said the men threw at him, per USA Today.

Law enforcement also had to collect several hours of surveillance video from cameras mounted on buildings, inside taxi cabs and from cameras along miles of city streets.