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Jussie Smollett's brother has penned an op-ed defending his sibling, in an obvious bid to help change the current public perception of the 'Empire' star.

Jojo Smollett is the eldest of the Smollett siblings and wrote the piece for BET:

"It has not been 90 days since my younger brother, Jussie Smollett, was assaulted on a cold winter night in Chicago," he wrote. "Within less than three months, his life has been turned upside down as my family and I have witnessed him endure unrelenting attacks to his character and reputation. Like so many others, this entire process quickly devolved from a focus on him as a victim of assault, to him being falsely accused and held responsible for a crime that was perpetrated against him. To define this experience as unjust would be an understatement."

Jojo then begins to question the actions of the Chicago Police Department, the testimony of the Osundairo brothers and claimed that there is no solid evidence against his brother.

"Is that all it takes to destroy a lifelong dedication to one’s craft and community? Is it really that easy to convince the world of a person’s guilt? Is that all it takes to turn someone’s life upside down in America? Simply ask yourself this, “What if Jussie is telling the truth?” he asks.

He calls the incident a "public persecution" before accusing the general public of "victim blaming and shaming."

Click here to read the full letter.