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Jussie Smollett is refusing to pay the $130,000 that he is being sued for by the city of Chicago over his alleged hate crime hoax.

"You don't settle when you're telling the truth," he reportedly told DailyMail TV.

Once again, Smollett denied that the January incident was a hoax, but remained tight-lipped about the details.

"Man I ain't got nothing to say about that, I'm moving on. When the truth is on your side, you know everything will be fine," he told then news outlet as he strolled through the airport.

The Chicago Police Department believed that Smollett staged the hate crime and paid the Osundairo brothers to punch him, pour bleach over him and tie a noose around his neck while yelling "MAGA Country."

After all the charges against him were abruptly dropped, the city sued him to the tune of $130,000, for the overtime worked by the department. But the former Empire star says that he will not be coughing up the cash.