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Jussie Smollet gave an emotional interview this morning on Good Morning America, during which he cried and asked "why don't people believe me."

The emotional actor told interviewer Robin Roberts that he was "pissed off" at those who continue to doubt his claim that he was attacked by two masked Trump supporters on a bitter cold Chicago night two weeks ago.

"I'm pissed off," he said.

"What is it that has you so angry?" asked Roberts.

Jessie answered that he was somewhat angry at the attackers, but more so with the people don't believe him.

"Oh, how can you doubt that? Like, how can you not believe that? It's the truth. Then it became a thing, like, oh... it's not necessarily that you don't believe this is the truth; you don't even want to see the truth."

Here are some highlights from Jussie's interview:

He talked about getting rope burn on his neck. The empire actor claims he showed the cops the noose; he’d already taken it off his neck. Said he realized they must’ve poured bleach on him because he knows what it smells like.

When asked why he wouldn’t turn over his phone he said, “I’m not gonna do that.” Because of private numbers and pictures, Empire stuff and all kinds of things he has in his phone. Never said they were wearing MAGA hats. The slurs he was called should’ve been believable enough w/o adding MAGA to the mix.

There was a camera right above the intersection but it was pointing north and thus, captured nothing. He’s not going to get a tuna sandwich and salad to meet a new date. That doesn’t even make sense and was offensive to him. LOL He used to go on dating apps such as Grindr and tinder but not anymore because he has a partner.

His clavicle was messed up and rib was bruised, not cracked. He walked in the WR and walked out.