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Empire actor Jussie Smollet is getting frustrated with the way the Chicago police are handling the investigation into his alleged racist beating, MTO News has learned. And he's worried that police are wasting time investigating HIM, instead of looking for his attackers. 

According to people close to Jussie, the actor is "frustrated" with the way that Chicago police have handled the investigation.

Jussie's friend told MTO News that police "interrogated" Jussie for almost an hour - to get the story. The friend explained, "[Jussie] was in the room with detectives like he was a suspect. Some of the questions were really inappropriate, almost like they thought he was making the whole thing up."

MTO News confirmed that after the interview - the Chicago police requested access to Jussie's phone - so that they can look into his story further. Jussie has so far refused the Police's request.

Jussie was worried, according to his friend, that the officer asking for access to his phone. may have been trying to build some type of 'Hoax' INVESTIGATION AGAINST HIM. 

We were able to independently confirm that police did ask for Jussie's phone. Look here:

The friend told MTO News, "I don't think the Chicago police believe Jussie, they are just going through the motions."

But at least some officers in the Chicago police department are doing their job - and looking for Jussie's attackers.

Yesterday police released a photo of two men that they say are "persons of interest" in the case. They're asking for the public's help in finding these two men,


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