While Juelz Santana Is ROTTING AWAY In A Jail Cell . . . His Wifey KIMBELLA Is In Miami . . . Showing Off Her Newly Purchased ASSETS!! (Bikini Pics)

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Kimbella & Juelz Santana LHHNY

Rapper Juelz Santana was arrested two weeks ago - and is being held without bail on federal gun charges.

And while he rots away in a federal jail cell . . . his baby's mama Kimbella is OUTCHEA in these streets. According to reports, Kim recently had a MASSIVE plastic surgery overhaul of her face and her body.

"Starting to look like my favorite female rapper Lil Kim"

"she holding it down u know u can’t keep ppl business on the media !"

" lmao!!! I hope she’s holding down the fort. She seems to be LIVING LIFE right now.... 🤣🤣☠️ Like he ain’t even gone..."

"And you got a lot of money! And can look however you want🤙"

"I miss you & I don’t even know you 🤔 , so I could only imagine how @thejuelzsantana feel rn 🤦‍♂️"

She's been spotted in the clubs in Chicago as she was hosting in the city. Somebody has to feed the children! Bills still gotta be paid.

She was also recently spotted in Miami in a bikini.

We do not blame Kimbella one bit. Juelz' lawyer fees cannot be cheap, and she's making money the best way she knows how. She does look great! Check out the pictures below!