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Juelz Santana & Kimbella Facing EVICTION From Another Home!!


Rapper Juelz Santana and his wife are on the verge of getting evicted from their condominium for non-payment of Homeowner's Association ("HOA") fees, MTO News has learned.


The condo association is saying that Juelz has not been paying his $1,041 a month in HOA fees for his property for the past two years.

The association claims that the rapper owes $18,099 for unpaid fees from July 2018 through March 2020, another $9,375 for “accelerated” maintenance fees through the end of the year, lawyers fees, special assessments and late charges – for a total of $33,577.

And they placed a lien on his property.

Juelz is currently in federal prison in Virginia and will be released February 2021. He (and Kimbella) bought the home back in 2005, but the Love & Hip Hop couple have struggled to keep it out of foreclosure.

And the news gets even worse for Kimbella.

Last year Juelz’s wife, Kimbella, was forced to move out of the couple's New Jersey mansion last year after the home was foreclosed and Chase Bank bought it at a foreclosure auction in 2018.