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Judge Shuts Down Josh Duggar's Attempt To Get Child Pornography Evidence Thrown Out!!

Josh Duggar, former star of "19 Kids and Counting," has had his request to have evidence thrown out in his child pornography trial denied by a federal judge.

Duggar has pleaded not guilty to receiving and possessing child pornography. His trial begins in November.

In August, his attorneys asked that evidence found on Duggar's desktop computer, an iPhone, and a MacBook laptop be thrown out.

"In Mr. Duggar's case, he has not shown that federal agents acted with reckless disregard for proper procedure. And he certainly has not shown that the agents acted in bad faith," the judge wrote in his ruling.

"Moreover, Mr. Duggar cannot show that he was prejudiced by any delay; the devices remained in law enforcement's safe keeping throughout this time period, and the probable cause warranting the initial seizure of the devices remained viable through the date of indictment," he added.

Prosecutors allege that he downloaded child porn onto his devices.