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Things have gone from bad to worse for disgraced r&b singer R. Kelly after a judge ruled that he defaulted on a civil lawsuit filed by a woman named Heather Williams, who claims that he lured her into sex in 1998 when she was just 16.

According to Courthouse News, Kelly's attorneys filed to withdraw from representing him last month -- "counsels feel that circumstances have evolved that prevent the counsels from zealously advocating on behalf of the defendant," the motion read. The judge granted their request, giving Kelly 21 days to find a new attorney, but nobody showed up in court on Tuesday.

All three of Kelly's lawyers – Zaid Abdallah, Shady Yassin, and Raed Shalabi – filed their motion to withdraw from the case in Cook County Circuit Court.

A default judgment was entered in the alleged victim's favor.

Kelly is currently in prison, waiting to face trial for criminal charges ranging from sexual assault to child pornography and racketeering in a total of four federal and state courts.