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A judge has refused to overturn Nicki Minaj's brother's conviction on sexual assault charges.

This week, State Supreme Court Justice Robert McDonald denied a motion from Jelani Maraj to overturn a verdict convicting him of raping his former stepdaughter. The rapes allegedly began when she was just 11.

According to reports, Maraj's attorney, David Schwartz, said: "there was clear jury misconduct" as "outside influences," including social media posts and news articles, "affected that verdict" of "at least a few" jurors.

And Nicki's mother, Carol Maraj, also weighed in to defend her son, saying that some jurors admitted their decision was spurred on by information they'd picked up from the blogs and online comments regarding the scandal. 

"The jurors admitted that they were swayed by TV, radio, the bloggers... listening to what the comments were. Can you tell me why juror misconduct was not proven today? ... This is ridiculous," she said per AllHipHop.

Maraj is looking at 25 years to life behind bars.