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A judge has refused to dismiss a $10 million rape lawsuit against Russell Simmons, despite his request.

According to NBC, Judge Marc Gross said in his ruling that Simmons did not supply sufficient evidence to support his claim that the statute of limitations on the alleged rape had run out.

The Def Jam exec also asked for $36,335 in sanctions against the unnamed accuser for what defense lawyers called a "frivolous action," but the judge also denied this request.

So it appears that Uncle Rush may have to cough up some cash for this accuser. 

Simmons has been accused of sexual assault including rape and attempted rape by at least 12 women. He denied all allegations against him and even tried to launch a counter-movement he called #NotMe.

The entertainment mogul maintains his innocence in the matter. He even told his Twitter followers that he's taken and passed multiple lie detector tests.