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A Texas judge has ordered convicted killer Cyntoia Brown to stay away from her husband, Jaime Long's 11-year-old son. 

New court documents surfaced online that showed Jaimie's ex-wife Stacy Kirkland filed a motion asking a judge to prohibit Brown from any contact with her son. In the motion Stacey told the judge, "I am extremely concerned about the safety of our young son, and do not believe that his father, Jaime, will take proper measures to protect [him] from danger." 

In 2004, when Cyntoia was 16 years old, she was convicted of brutally murdering a man while he slept. Cyntoia, however, claimed that she was a prostitute and the man was a John who abused her, and killing him was in self defense. She did not prevail and was sentenced to life in prison.

After serving approximately 14 years of her sentence, Cyntoia became something of a social media phenomenon in 2018. Members of the general public, celebrities and lawmakers alike expressed outrage over her sentence and urged the governor of Tennessee to grant her clemency. In 2019 Cyntoia Brown and her supporters were successful, Tennessee governor, Bill Haslam, commuted her sentence to time served and she was released from prison.

While in prison, though, Cynthia met and married Jamie Long, 34, who used to be a member of the R&B group Pretty Ricky, now turned Christian rapper. 

Stacey also wrote in her filing, "I would love for Jaime to spend more time with (his son). However, in light Jaime's recent decision to enter into a romantic, committed relationship with a woman convicted of first-degree murder, I am extremely fearful." 

The judge granted the restraining order.