Judge Mathis will not face charges after he was accused of spitting at a valet last week in downtown Detroit.

Last week, the judge spoke to TMZ and denied that he spat in the valet's face - saying that there were witnesses to the incident who could back up his version of the events.

"First of all, it was a 40-minute wait," he said. "And when he came, yes, I yelled at him and asked why would he take my car for 40 minutes or the keys to my car. He began to apologize and then he said something, I think, of 'I went to the store,' or something [that] was more ridiculous than the apology."

While holding Mathis' car key, the valet reportedly disappeared for a long time, leaving the judge waiting - and he was not too happy about it. According to TMZ, Judge Mathis responded by cursing the valet out, and spitting on him before making an exit, an allegation which the judge denies.

"And so, we had a little verbal back and forth, and that was the extent of it. It was no spitting. It was six witnesses there if they wanna ask them. I was standing there outside of the place with the owner's son who asked if I wanted to do something about it, and I said no, let it go. And that was the extent of it." 

TMZ obtained footage of the incident, but it was not clear enough to determine whether the valet was actually spat on.