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Beloved TV personality Judge Mathis is reportedly under investigation for spitting in a valet's face.

Sources connected to the valet told TMZ that the TV judge valet parked his Rolls Friday at the Flood's Bar and Grille in Detroit, but things quickly popped off when he was leaving the venue.

The breaking news outlet is reporting that a valet had Mathis' keys in his pocket and was out on a run to retrieve another car. The valet had been gone about 10-15 minutes, and when he returned, the judge cursed him out (allegedly.)

The valet was apologetic for holding on to the keys for so long, but Mathis was fuming, and that's when he allegedly spat in his face before making a swift exit. The valet has reportedly obtained a lawyer, so it's very likely that Mathis could be standing on the other side of the bench in the near future.

Mathis has not yet released a statement on this alleged incident.