Judge Grants Instagram Model Ownership Of The Game’s Record Label & Royalties


In 2015, the Instagram model Priscilla Rainey sued rapper The Game and claimed that he allegedly sexually assaulted her during a taping of his reality show. The Game denied all of the allegations, but Priscilla's case went to trial.

(see above video of Priscilla discussing the incident)

And the rapper refused to take the trial seriously, MTO News had previously reported. 

BIG mistake.

Priscilla won her case against The Game and was awarded a $7 million judgment back in 2016. Over the past few years, The Game has been fighting for an appeal - and losing. Despite this, The Game has been adamant that he won't pay Rainey a cent.

Well, it looks like that is about to change. On Friday a Virginia judge Virginia A. Phillips granted Rainey the rights to all of the royalties from The Game's latest album, Born 2 Rap

In fact, Rainey now has control of his independent label L.A. Prolific and all of the profits that would have gone The Game's way. The woman can even take control of the salary The Game paid himself from the release of the album.

Per the documents:

Any and all rights, title, and interest of Defendant in any money, property, or payments due to Defendant from LA Prolific, in the form of, among other things, commission, royalties, contract receivables, deferred compensation, income, wages, payroll, salary, and accounts receivable. Failure by Defendant to comply with this Order may subject him to contempt of Court proceedings ...

It's further ordered that all third parties who receive notice of this Order are directed to pay any and all money or property due, or to become due, under this Order, directly to Plaintiff either: (1) by check payable to "Priscilla Rainey," and delivered to Plaintiff's counsel ... until and to the extent necessary to pay the Judgement in full.