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Judge Judy unveiled her new look on social media this morning. She looks a lot different.

First off, the 76 year old TV judge got a brand new hairstyle. The style is what many on social media are calling a "mullet."

But more importantly, Judge Judy appears to have undergone yet another plastic surgery operation - to tighten up her face.

The National Enquirer reported multiple times that Judge Judy appears to have had "fillers" and "botox" done to her face. The mag speculated that they believed she may have also gotten a full facelift at some point.

Well whatever she's doing - it's working. Judge Judy Sheindlin released this pic:

Judge Judy is reportedly worth more than $200 million.

Judge Judy is a retired Manhattan family court judge - who stars in the highest rated Court TV show win history. The show features Sheindlin adjudicating real-life small claim disputes within a simulated courtroom set. 

The show debuted in 1996 and its 22nd season commenced in September 2018. In March 2015, Sheindlin and CBS Television Distribution extended their contract through the program's 25th season (2020–21). The program has won three Emmy awards and has had the highest ratings in courtroom programming in the United States.