Judge Joe Brown went off on a rather bizarre tangent, claiming that if Harriet Tubman's face is ever printed on the $20 bill, that it would be "insulting" to the Black race and especially Black men.

"These feminists are trying to do this movie so they can get a Black woman on the $20 bill. This movie is to soften the public up to the idea of picking a Black woman who freed slaves by leading them to freedom… by getting her or another one like her on the $20 bill. They can't get a White woman, so they want a Black woman. They don't care. They just want a woman, and it downs masculinity," Brown said in a debate with Dr. Umar Johnson.

He continued:

"I got a big problem if it's on a bill before they put a Black man's face on one. I got a big problem with that. It's insulting to the Black race because you're saying the men ain't worth a damn, put a woman up there first… "

It seems the former television judge may have a bit of an issue with Black women.

"But if you put a Black woman first, that's an insult to Black men. Harriet Tubman rescued maybe 200 people. It may be [more], but there were Black men who did something better than that too… They need to put them on a bill and show respect," he added.

"The thing of it is, they're not gonna lynch Black women. They'll rape them. But they're not gonna lynch them."

Peep part of the debate below.