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Judge Joe Brown Blasts Bill Cosby's Alleged Victims: They Were Groupies

Judge Joe Brown sat down for an interview with Marc Lamont Hill where the two talked about Bill Cosby's release.

The judge went hard for Cosby.

"What about these women being accountable for their own behavior? They were groupies. Sex, drugs, rock and roll; sex, drugs, rap; sex, drugs, baseball; football; basketball; movies; television. See, it's called being a groupie. We forgot what that term meant," the television judge said defending Cosby.

Brown continued, "The bimbos come to the party. They hang out, they get drunk, they snort lines of blow and they have a good time. They use the hall closets to give head, bathrooms to get down, and you go in to get your coat off of the bed and they're laying on top of it doing somebody. See, that's what that's about."

He also says he doesn't believe the comedian did anything wrong.

"He gave them pills. He didn’t force it down their throats. He didn’t take advantage of them," he said.

Is he right?