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Judge Faith Jenkins has announced that she is now engaged to the singer, Kenny Lattimore.

The TV judge revealed the news to her fans via a post on Instagram. She shared a picture of her standing beside her new fiance.

"Some personal news: I’m engaged! " the post began.

⁣"Many of you know @kennylattimore as an incredibly talented vocalist and while I couldn’t be more proud of his legendary work as an artist — to me (and all who know him personally) —- it’s who he is on the inside that makes him a star. His beautiful spirit has captured my heart. ❤️⁣" she continued.


The judge continued to gush about her hubby-to-be:

"Kenny: you are one of the kindest, most genuine souls on the planet. I’ve never met anyone like you. In a world where I was told my standards were too high, you came in my life from day one & exceeded them all! You made me thankful that I refused to settle. You showed me the essence & integrity of true love. The first time you took me by the hand to lead us in prayer I knew this would be different. And I was right. (just remember, I’m always right 😆) You embody all I’ve ever wanted in a life partner. And on top of it all you’re an amazing dad. ❤️⁣⁣"


She went on to thank her pastor for the couple's pre-engagement counseling and support.

Congratulations, Judge Faith!