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Judge Genece Brinkley is not letting her vendetta against rapper Meek Mill go and reportedly caused him to miss out on a performance which would have netted him $450,000.

Michael Rubin, owner of the 76ers revealed the news on ESPN's 'Outside the Lines. Brinkley approved the travel - but after the date of the said concert came and went.

"Meek had an opportunity to go to Dubai a few months ago for a concert, for a day, he was gonna be paid $450,000," Rubin explained on the show. "The judge approved him to travel after the concert after it [had already happened]. In other words, his time to travel there got approved after the day of doing the concert. So [Meek] didn't get to make that $450,000, which stimulates so many people around him. So everything he needs to do is controlled by his judge."'

"[Meek is] somebody who should be free, but people think he's free but he's not free today," Rubin added.