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A judge has refused disgraced Hollywood exec Harvey Weinstein's request to travel to Europe on business.

Weinstein is awaiting trial in New York in September on charges of rape and sexual assault and has been fitted with an ankle monitor.

He is banned from traveling outside New York or Connecticut without court permission as a condition of his $1 million bail.

According to Variety, the trip was supposed to run from Aug. 12 to 22, and the exec offered to hire a two-person security detail to monitor him throughout the journey as well as continue to be monitored electronically.

His attorneys were not pleased about the judge's ruling.

"Here is a person who is presumed to be innocent, who has adhered to every single mandate of his bail agreement, who has not been able to work in close to two years," said Weinstein's attorney, Donna Rotunno. "He has been blocked from working in his industry, and when he tries to earn an honest living, is denied by the court. This exemplifies the problem with this current environment of conviction and punishment before trial, yielding to mob justice. That this is even a story is demonstrative of how low we have sank."