Judge BANS Lil Fizz From Being Near Apryl & Omarion Kids! (Love & Hiphop)

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On the last season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Apryl Jones - Omarion's baby's mama - confirmed that she was in a relationship with O's former B2K bandmate Lil Fizz.

Well earlier this year, Omarion took Fizz and Apryl to court and asked a judge to keep Fizz AWAY FROM HIS CHILDREN.

The details of the court's ruling are sealed to protect the privacy of all parties. But according to Fizz baby's mother Monica the judge heard all the evidence and then agreed with Omarion - he BANNED Fizz from being near Apryl and Omarion's kids.

So what exactly is it in Fizz past that's so horrible that a judge has to ban you from being near kids? Monica didn't say specifically.

But in her interview, she suggested that Fizz may have some involvement with selling drugs - and she alluded to some "abuse" in their past.


According to Nicki Swift: 

Although Omarion and Apryl Jones' relationship really flourished during the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, the former B2K frontman also had his music career to focus on — not just his family with Jones. 

In fact, in 2015, while viewers were yet to see Season 2 of LHHH, Omarion spoke to XXL mag, offering up some hints as to what sort of issues viewers would get to see play out on camera. "I'm a father, so I have to make time for that. Aside from that, having the career that I have in this time. So something is going to have to take some sacrifices." Gulp, is that foreshadowing we hear? As he went on, "It's going to be all of those things. It's going to be an interesting season as far as Omarion and Apryl goes. I'll tell you that." 

A few months later, the couple skipped the Season 2 reunion special, and it was revealed that the pair had quit the show ahead of Season 3. In an interview with Essence Live, Jones dished, "We didn't go to the reunion because obviously Omari was on tour," and she was at home with their child. By the time the couple split in July of 2016, an insider revealed to E! News, "The traveling that Omarion had to do started to put a toll on Apryl."