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Judge Allows Mo'Nique's Lawsuit Against Netflix To Move Forward

Mo'Nique can move forward with her lawsuit against Netflix, a Los Angeles judge ruled -- refusing Netflix's motion to dismiss the star's discrimination suit.

Netflix denied the allegations in November.

"We care deeply about inclusion, equity and diversity and take any accusations of discrimination very seriously," a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement. "We believe our opening offer to Mo'Nique was fair — which is why we will be fighting this lawsuit."

Mo'Nique claims that their offer was unfair compared to several of her peers who received much higher offers.

"When the talent was not a Black woman, Netflix offered to pay, and did pay, astronomically more than it pays to Black women like it offered to Mo'Nique," her lawsuit reads. "Netflix reportedly offered or paid Rock, Chapelle, [Ellen] Degeneres, and [Ricky] Gervais forty (40) times more per show than it offered Mo'Nique, and it offered Schumer twenty-six (26) times more per show than Mo'Nique. In short, Netflix's offer to Mo'Nique perpetuates the drastic wage gap forced upon Black women in America's workforce."