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JT Flips Out On Fans Over Lil UZI & Yung Miami Livestream!!

Lil Uzi trended online last week over the disrespectful way he spoke to City Girls member Young Miami while his girlfriend, JT, sat beside him -- but JT is blaming the fans.

“That was an inside joke. He was literally talking in code and after that said he love her and some more sh*t. When did he call her a bitch? Y’all know y’all p*ssies on the internet. A lot of y’all p*ssies on the internet be painting pictures, that’s why I took the phone. He was too turnt up, he always turnt up. Talkin’ bout I ain’t defend my friend… Caresha mouth slick as sh*t, my mouth slick as sh*t!” she said.

During the livestream, people were upset with JT for not defending her friend. JT says she and Yung Miami are good.


She continued, “That girl ain’t about to sit there and let nobody -- she could have easily ended the live if she felt disrespected. That girl knew we was playing. We was just on FaceTime before we got on live. Get the f*ck outta here! Y’all wanna make it so bad, ‘She wouldn’t defend her friend, she held the group down and now they breakin’ up!’ Never! Let it go. F*ck outta here. Y’all keep trying to run with these narratives, get gone. Draggin’ ass bitches, bum ass hoes, p*ssy ass n*ggas, all y’all. Get on y’all feet! Get off people dick and get on y’all feet. Bet y’all sh*t ain’t together but you be ready to comment on something. Nah, get your sh*t straight. Don’t worry about people who sh*t straight.”