NBA star JR Smith has responded to his wife's allegations that he has been cheating on her with The Flash actress, Candice Patton - claiming that they've been separated for months.

"IG aint a place for relationships but God told me to tell y'all I've been separated for months. He doesn't understand why his child failed to mention that…#thats all," Smith wrote on Instagram.

His wife, Jewel Harris, prayed for Smith and Patton while confirming the rumors that they had hooked up.

"My husband, he's hurting and Candice, Lord Father God, she's hurting … For her to go out here, Lord Father God, and seek a married man, Father God, I just pray that you give her grace and mercy through all of this," she said in the video, which lasted over ten minutes. "I lift her up."

She continued: "God I am asking, father God, as your servant, to please help and heal my husband … and please forgive him because he know not what he do."

Candice has not publicly addressed the rumors.