Joyner Lucas has taken to social media to decline Tomi Lahren's invitation to sit down and discuss his controversial new video, "Devil's Work," in which he trades the deceased for people who are still alive - like Tomi.

"I pray you give us back the real ones and try again/Or maybe take them n*ggas that deserve to die instead/Tomi Lahren run her mouth and then get defensive/Laura Ingraham laughin' at death and disrespectin'/I really feel like you should teach them stupid hoes a lesson," he raps.

Tomi then slid into his DMs and suggested that they sit down and discuss the release, an obvious ratings grab.

"Although I don't appreciate you depicting and calling for my death in your latest music video, I would like to sit down and talk with you on or off camera," she wrote. "Maybe we can find some common ground."

But Joyner is not here for it and shared a screenshot of the messages plus the following response: