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Rapper Joyner Lucas and radio host, Peter Rosenberg are feuding because Rosenberg sent text messages during an interview with Lucas.

During a recent airing of Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, the team critiqued Joyner Lucas' new track "Devil's Work." But Rosenberg then explained that the pair were at odds - because Rosenberg would not stop texting during his interview.

"He said he won't do interviews anymore because he said I disrespected him because I looked at my cell phone. I wanted to get the date that his record was released so I opened up the Wikipedia page," Rosenberg told his listeners.

He then went on to clown Lucas. 

But upon awakening, Lucas wasn't feeling Rosenberg making light of the issue:

"Stop it bro. Do me a favor & find the original footage of interview & keep the cam on you the whole time @rosenburgtelevision. U was on phone at least 10X texting while I was talking. So Yea I felt disrespected. Release same interview but keep cam on u the whole time. Bet u won’t" he tweeted.

Lucas then added:

"I woke up early AF to go to your station to give a solid interview as you sit and text more than a handful of times right in my face. How u mad at me Becuz I felt disrespected at the lack of respect you showed me? [Stop] treating artists like we need u n*ggaz in 2019."

Is Lucas right? Is texting when interviewing an artist just bad manners or is that just how it is in 2019 - everybody glued to their phones?