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Rapper Joyner Lucas reveals that he thinks his track "I'm Not A Racist" was part of the inspiration behind Donald Glover's groundbreaking video, "This Is America."

In Lucas' video, a white man in a MAGA hat reels off racial stereotypes and slurs at a young black man. Lucas wrote, directed, shot, edited and released the video in just a week.

"I feel like “I’m Not Racist” changed a lot of things, and it caused a lot of damage and opened up room for conversations. Like I pushed the envelope for people like Childish Gambino to come out and make “This Is America.” I feel like I made him comfortable enough to make a record like that," he told Billboard.

"I love that video. I think he’s going to win [best music video] -- I hope he wins it. But there’s no campaign. Either I win or I don’t. If I don’t, I’m grateful that I was even a part of it."

So basically, if Gambino wins a Grammy, he owes it all to Lucas... Got it!