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Joycelyn Savage has spoken out for the first time since a Patreon account under her name made allegations of abuse against the shamed star.

"I am truly tired of all the lies that they are saying about the man we love so much and our best friend, R. Kelly," Joycelyn said as she read a prepared statement from her phone for TMZ. 

"It has been said that I have left him and that he has abused me and all kinds of nonsense. I have said before, none of that is true. It is a shame how they are treating him. It is so wrong on so many levels, and he does not deserve this. I am not going to be a part of the assassination of R. Kelly's name, music career, and character."

She continued, "How are we ever going to get a fair trial anywhere around the world with all these lies that are being told on him? Please free him and let him come home in peace."

Kelly is facing multiples charges across several states for the trafficking and sexual abuse of underage girls.

Joycelyn also denied that the Instagram and Patreon accounts which made headlines last month belong to her:

 "That is not my Instagram. Someone is impersonating me. I just want everyone to know we still support him and would never betray him."