his relationships with Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. Both girl's parents have been desperately trying to get ahold of their daughters as Kelly has reportedly not allowed them to remain in touch.

During the interview, Kelly accused the parents of "selling" their daughters to him and that they were his girlfriends. He denied any abuse and claimed that they loved each other. 

The attorney for the Savage family tweeted yesterday that Joycelyn had, in fact, made contact with her family.

The moment was captured on camera. Jocelyn called and appeared to have rehearsed her statement to her parents, telling them that she is happy and that they should not worry.

 “I have told you guys a million, million times that I am OK where I am and I’m happy, so I just want to let you know that,” Joycelyn said.

“We are glad to finally hear from Joycelyn today,” Savage family attorney Gerald Griggs told Rolling Stone. 

“After speaking with her little sister, Joycelyn paused from the seemingly prepared script and was able to share her love for her family. We hope that today was the first step to re-establishing a loving relationship with her family.”

Joycelyn's parents believe that she has been brainwashed by Kelly. In the call, she does appear to sound very distant and deliberate with her words.