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R. Kelly's alleged victims, Joycelyn Savage, and Azriel Clary were captured by reporters leaving the disgraced singer's bond hearing.

In footage recorded by The Blast, the two ladies are seen being rushed from the court, surrounded by a swarm of Kelly's team and security.

The reporters can be heard calling to Joycelyn and asking her if she had any words for her parents. He can also be heard telling them that her parents miss her and were coming to Atlanta.

Joycelyn is seen holding Azriel's hands. The girls did not answer any of the questions, nor did they make any eye contact.

Savage family attorney, Gerald Griggs, told The Blast that it was evident during the bond hearing the two women were “always in sight of Mr. Kelly’s associates,” and believes they are suffering from the effects of Stockholm Syndrome.

He also told them that that, “Not once did Azriel Clary make eye contact with her parents, which is indicative of the manipulation and predatory behavior.”

Kelly remains behind bars because he cannot afford to post his $100,000 bond, but how much longer can he afford to keep his team on the payroll? Some are now still concerned for Azriel and Joycelyn despite Kelly being locked up.