Journalist Fired After Video Of Her Pretending To Board Up Santa Monica Business Goes Viral

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Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin, a journalist for the Washington Examiner, has been fired from her job after a video of her pretending to board up a Santa Monica business went viral.

The UC Santa Barbara senior, who worked with the publication as an intern, has also deactivated her social media following the viral video of her fake activism.

In the video, Moriarty-McLaughlin poses with a construction worker, she hands him back his power tool and says, "Thank you so much." She then walks away as a bystander can be heard saying afterward, "Boyfriends of Instagram!" -- referring to her boyfriend, who was present at the time.

The couple then hops into a black Mercedes-Benz before leaving the scene. A bystander then yells -- "Good job, you guys! BLM!"

During an interview with NewsMax before the interview, the aspiring journalist was praised for her ability to stick to the facts.

"Yeah, we're always chasing the facts. Out here on the west coast, the UC system rampant with all the news that's happening and we're just excited to be here," she responded.