Joseline Hernandez - also known as the "Puerto Rican Princess" - will be the new breakout star of Married to Medicine.

Joseline who was the surprise breakout star of VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, has one of the most reckless tongues in the history of reality television.  Now, she's taking her talents and all her recklessness to Bravo - where she will be starring on the new season of Married to Medicine. 

We know - it does seem kind of random. What does a ratchet like Joseline have to do with doctors and their wives on Bravo's Married to Medicine?

She doesn't really. She is neither a doctor nor is she married to one, but if you close your eyes to the ridiculousness of it all, you'll see that her addition to the show is good thing because Joseline always brings the fireworks.

MTO News spoke with two producers - who told us that Joseline will be a "significant" part of the new season of Married To Medicine. And she's expected to be a part of the show's long-term future.

One producer told us, "Joseline was the breakout star of this season. You have to wait and see."

To get an idea of what Josleine is bringing - watch this clip. It's a video of Joseline reading Toya Bush-Harris for filth: