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JOSELINE Claims To Have EVIDENCE That EX-Boyfriend Stevie J Is BISEXUAL . . . And Chile . . .She Took A LIE DETECTOR TEST . . . To Prove She's Telling The TRUTH!!!


Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J's breakup just went from BAD to WORSE. You see, Joseline is on Twitter claiming to have "proof" that Stevie is bisexual.

According to Joseline, she caught Stevie watching some type of transgender adult movie.

And to prove that she's telling the truth, Joseline paid for a polygraph test - which she claims that she passed.

Why Joseline would call Stevie out for being bisexual is a little confusing to us . . . when she has admitted, on several occasions actually, that she is bisexual herself. Guess when it comes to love and war, no shot is too ratchet.