Jordyn Woods appears to have undergone breast augmentation surgery, MTO News has learned.

Kylie Jenner's former BFF posted some new pics on Instagram that have people speculating as to whether she recently got a boob job.

What makes people so sure that she got her breast done?

First off, Jordyn's breasts look noticeably bigger in the images. Here's what the young beauty's breasts used to look like:


Here are Jordyn's new breasts:

But it wasn't just the increase in breast size that has people wondering whether she got implants or not - it was Jordyn's bra.

Jordyn seems to be wearing a "recovery" bra, used by women when they've just gotten breast implants. The bra is designed to help women recover quickly from the surgery.

Almost as soon as she posted the pics, Jordyn's fans noticed both difference in size of her breasts and the "recovery bra," and immediately began commenting.

One fan said: ‘Breast augmentation bras really are the comfiest though. Lol.’

Another follower posted: ‘omg I was just gonna say that lol riiiight she must have gotten them done. More power to her.’

Another fan is on the same page and said: ‘i know a surgical bra when i see one 🤔’ and someone else posted: ‘Isn’t that the braw women use when they get there breast done?’