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Jordyn Woods is being accused of cheating with her best friend's sister's babys father - Tristan Thompson. Now new pics suggest that she may have contracted the herpes virus from the NBA baller.

Just one week after Jordyn was allegedly caught making out with Khloe's man, she's spotted with what looks like a cold sore on her bottom lip.

It's not clear whether she had that 'cold sore' BEFORE meeting Tristan, or she developed it recently.

Jordyn was spotted hiding her face (and her mouth) last night as she left an event. The 21 year old Instagram star is trying to keep a low profile, now that the Kardashians's are dragging her name through the mud.

Many people are not aware that "cold sores" or "fever blisters" are the symptoms of oral herpes. Nor do they realize that the virus that causes these sores - herpes simplex virus #1 - is extremely closely related to the virus that causes genital herpes, herpes simplex virus #2. 


According to reports:

"A source—because none of these people have really spoken about the issue publicly, and certainly Woods hasn’t—says that Woods “knows she made a mistake” and is “completely remorseful.”

"I’m not convinced that Jenner would break up with her best friend over this, but in any case, she’s been going through her own hard time. Per another source who spoke to People:"

“For Kylie, it’s much more difficult. She has basically lost part of her world,” said one insider. “She is very, very upset. She always trusted Jordyn with everything.”