Celebrity socialite Jordyn Woods was spotted by paparazzi, the beauty was smiling as she left Hollywood hotspot Craig's in Los Angeles, California. According to reports, "there were at least 32 photogs at the restaurant and it was all about Jordyn. She looked ridiculously hot and said nothing, which says everything."

Some of the unanswered questions, "Do you miss Kylie?" "Have you moved your stuff out?" "Have you seen Kylie and Travis are back together?" "When will we see you with Kylie?" "Have you spoken with Khloe?" "Do you regret doing Red Table Talk?"

The former BFF of billionaire Kylie Jenner left the popular hotspot at 12:30am after spending two and a half hours at the restaurant. She was quite popular inside Craigs. According to one report, Jordyn was hit on by at least three men while at the restaurant.

She looked delighted as she was surrounded by photographers and happily posed for selfies with waiting fans. 

Jordyn hit the headlines earlier this year when she admitted that Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend Tristan Thomas had kissed her at a party. But Jordyn claims that at the time of the kiss, Tristan and Khloe were not together.

Since the revelation, Jordyn has been estranged from the famous Kardashian / Jenner clan ever since. 

But Jordyn seems to be taking her new found fame (and infamy) in stride. She showed no sign of sadness on her night out.