Jordyn Woods refused to allow Kris Jenner to manage her, and a few weeks later the Tristan Thompson "rumors" were leaked to the media.

As MTO News has reported in the past, most of the rumors surrounding Tristan and Jordyn are LIES. We're told that Jordyn NEVER slept with Tristan. They did flirt a bit while at a party in the Hollywood Hills, but they didn't even kiss.

The whole storyline of Jordyn being a "home wrecker" is fake and folks close to Jordyn believe that it's been concocted by members of the Kardashian family.

One insider told MTO News that Jordyn turned down Kris Jenner offer to manage Jordyn multiple times. Jordyn's friend explained, "Isn't it strange, Jordyn says no to Kris managing her then all of a sudden all these lies are posted about her online."

Oh, and those rumors about Jordyn being broke are LIES TOO MTO News is told that Jordan brings in more than $100,000 a month in Instagram posting and appearances. She also has brand collaborations with Too Faced, Express, and Additional Elle.

And finally Jordyn is NOT homeless. She reportedly owns two homes in Los Angeles - a property in Menlo Park and another in Beverly Hills. One was $2.5M and the other one was $7.6M. 

Here are pictures of the houses:

 Menlo Park:

House 4

Beverly Hills:

House 3