Jojo, the Angry Bird looking star of Love & Hip Hop Miami just revealed that her main storyline was all "Fake."

Last month on the VH1 hit show, Jojo and another castmember Shay got into a fight in the club. The show suggested that Shay was jealous after Jojo "stole" her boyfriend, R&B singer Pleasure P.

Here's a video showing the feud between the two former friends:

Well Jojo is now revealing that she NEVER dated Pleasure P, and that the Love & Hip Hop producers made up the whole thing. She also claims that Shay never dated the singer either, that was allegedly made up too.



Jojo spilled the tea in response to a lengthy - and very angry post from Shay. In the post Shay read Jojo BADLY.

Here's the read that Shay gave Jojo, that caused the Angry Bird looking reality star to spill the tea:


Jojo was included in the very first cast announcement of Love & Hip Hop: Miami with the eight original main cast members. She is also the only member of the supporting cast with a promo photo and the only one who appears in the "meet the cast" promotional videos. It is unclear if she was originally meant to be part of the main cast and demoted last minute, or if she was always intended to be supporting.

In the fan-voted 2018 Mona Awards, Jojo was nominated in the "Good Sis" category. She lost to Jessica Dime, receiving 17% of the vote.