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There's a stunning rumor going around on the set of the new season of Love & Hip Hop Miami - that Jojo is allegedly pregnant by rapper Kodak Black.

Jojo - who works as a hip hop stylist - has known Kodak for years, and the two used to date. But Kodak has been behind bars for the past three months.

And according to Love & Hip Hop rumors, JoJo is 3 months pregnant.

Here's what one producer explained, "JoJo is acting pregnant. No drinking on set and no smoking. I can't say who the babys father [could be] but I know she was around Kodak before he got locked up."

Here's a recent video of Jojo - who definitely appears to be glowing. And she has put on a bit of weight:

And Jojo is acting really protective of Kodak. Here is a pic that she posted of her and Kodak, just before he was taken in by the feds. She made sure to turn off comments on the post.

The Florida native is currently in jail for allegedly falsifying gun applications on two separate occasions. He was arrested in April at the Rolling Loud music festival.

Kodak claimed on the firearm forms that he was not currently under indictment for a crime that could result in imprisonment for a year or more. That was not true, because he was and still is in the middle of a sexual assault case in South Carolina.